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Own an IT business? Do IT contracting or freelancing work? If so, there's a good chance TechInsurance can protect you from the risks that threaten your livelihood every day. Read on to find out what we have to offer professionals in the following information technology fields.

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Business Intelligence

Data miners and business intelligence analysts are in a fast-growing field with lots of opportunities to grow. But offering data analysis that leads to major business decisions for your clients means you’re in prime position to be a scapegoat if one of your recommendations leads to a financial loss. Find out how business insurance for business intelligence and data mining professionals can protect your hard-earned revenue.

Computer Repair

Fixing and installing technology equipment makes you one of the most in-demand IT professionals around. But spending time at client locations or handling valuable customer property means that when things go wrong, you could be blamed. Find out how to ensure that any mistakes or mishaps don't translate to major financial losses for your business. Read more about our insurance for computer installation and repair professionals.

Data Analysts

Data analysts are as essential to business in the age of big data as pilots are to airlines. As companies become more dependent on data to make decisions that drive profits, the opportunities for those who can make meaning of the numbers will only grow. Find out how you can stay as profitable as possible and remain focused on your work by managing risk exposures with business insurance designed specifically for data analysts.

Data Architects

Business leaders are relying more heavily than ever on data to make decisions.

And they know those decisions are only as good as the data behind them. Expertise in data architecture is a valuable commodity right now, and those who choose to work on a contract or freelance basis have freedom and flexibility in addition to high earning potential.
Get details on how business insurance can safeguard your data architecture work.

Data Scientists

Being able to dig into a mountain of data and come out with valuable business insights is no small feat.

If you're working as a data scientist, you may have realized that there's a lot of opportunity to operate on a freelance or contract basis.

But with that opportunity comes risk. Luckily, you can manage that risk with business insurance designed for data scientists.

Database Administrators (DBAs)

With great power comes great responsibility, and DBAs have both. When you’re charged with storing, backing up, migrating, and securing data, you’ve got to make sure you have a plan in place in case something goes wrong. After all, nothing is hacker-proof. Luckily, there are business insurance policies that can protect your revenue and your reputation when the worst happens. Find out how small business insurance for database administrators can keep your business in the black for years to come.

Internet Marketing

These days, few businesses can survive without marketing and advertising online. That’s great news for Internet marketing and digital ad businesses – but it also means you’re responsible for helping other businesses increase their revenue. If your recommendations don’t yield results, you could face a lawsuit seeking damages. Luckily, insurance for online marketing and digital advertising businesses can ensure that, whatever happens, the growth of your business isn’t affected.

Frontend Developers

Having the eye of a designer and the technical knowhow of a developer is what makes you essential to the businesses you work with. It's no secret that juggling so many moving parts is challenging and fulfilling – but it also leaves plenty of room for mistakes. To ensure that any work you do as a business owner, freelancer, or contractor helps increase your bottom line rather than deplete it, make sure you've got adequate frontend developer business insurance.

IT Consultants

When you're the point person for your clients' IT needs, details matter. And in order to maintain trust, you've got to practice what you preach in terms of security.

Find out which liability and property risks you face as an IT consultant and which types of business insurance let you manage those risks.

Read more about our insurance for information technology consultants.

IT Staffing

In the world of IT staffing, you could be liable for not only the work you do but also for the work of the people you place. One embellished résumé that leads you to place an under-qualified employee could lead to a massive liability suit if they mess up a project and cause financial losses. Find out how appropriate insurance policies can prevent an honest mistake from costing you everything. Read more about our insurance for IT staffing agencies.

IT Training Businesses

When you're in charge of providing technology training, your job demands significant foresight.

In order to offer a valuable service to your clients, you have to be able to translate not only the immediate concerns of using IT equipment and programs but also the big-picture concerns of hypothetical scenarios that could affect a company's wellbeing. Read more about our insurance for IT trainers.

Mobile Developers

Mobile developers connect people at an intimate level. They’re also highly susceptible to hacking, viruses, and the risks associated with data breaches. Without financial protection, a single lawsuit over a data breach (even one you didn’t cause) could drain your cash reserves, even if you end up winning. But with business insurance for mobile developers, you can rest easy knowing you have access to the funds that will protect your business in any courtroom.

Network Architects

Building and maintaining networks is as crucial to today's businesses as building and maintaining roads. Your expertise makes you an invaluable part of IT teams everywhere. But if you're working as a freelancer, indepedent contractor, or the owner of a business, you're also responsible for making sure mistakes don't cost your clients money. To protect yourself from any disputes that might cost your business money, be sure to invest in the insurance that can protect network architects.

Network / Security Consultants

System network administrators manage sensitive information and crucially important technology systems every day. With that responsibility comes significant liability exposure:

one slipup and thousands of sensitive records can be exposed or erased. Luckily, there are liability insurance policies specifically tailored to the needs of independent IT professionals and those with small firms. Read more about our insurance for system network administrators.

Project Management

Providing IT project management or quality assurance services often means you get a big-picture view – which means your advice could cause large-scale problems if something goes wrong.

With adequate liability and property insurance in place, however, even the biggest mishaps don't have to cost you your life's savings or your reputation. Read more about our insurance for IT project managers and QA professionals.

SEO / SEM Professionals

If you can’t be found through online search engines, you’re invisible. Your clients know this, and they turn to you to connect with web users who want what they have to offer. But search engines are complex tools, and even slight deviations from your recommendations can lead to mediocre results – or worse – that leave your clients looking for someone blame. If they point the finger at you (via a lawsuit), you’ll have a lot of unexpected expenses on your hands – unless you have business insurance for SEO / SEM professionals.

Software / Application Developers

Designing or programming apps involves balancing client demands against the restraints of budgets, time, and technology.
In addition to worrying about design and functionality, you've got to consider data security and disclosure.

Find out how adequate insurance policies can prevent a mistake, oversight, or miscommunication from costing your serious cash. Read more about our insurance for programmers and application developers.


Setting up and maintaining the infrastructure people rely on for nearly every aspect of their professional and personal lives is no small task. So what happens when something goes wrong? Whether you damage a client’s business premises or cause a major outage, you could face significant expenses when you can least afford them.
If you have business insurance for telecommunications / cabling installation and maintenance professionals, though, those expenses will be covered.

Web / Application Hosting

Besides worrying about the ever-changing technological concerns of providing a quality web hosting service, web hosting companies must navigate a maze of legal regulations.

Even a small oversight or mistake can lead to tremendous liability exposure, which can be expensive and time-consuming to manage. Invest in solid business liability insurance to make sure your hosting business isn't defeated by unexpected costs. Read more about our insurance for web hosting companies.

Web Development / Design

Creating elegant sites that both meet client demands and facilitate user interactions is as much an art as it is a science. When you factor in the legal requirements and regulations that govern collection and use of information, copyright, and fair use, you've got a lot on your plate. Even if you're careful, a client's mistake or oversight could expose you to unwanted liability. Find out how to prevent unexpected events from tripping you up or tying you down with costly litigation. Read more about our insurance for web designers.

Other IT Professionals

Is your IT specialty not listed above? Don't worry. The agents at TechInsurance have more than a decade of experience connecting IT professionals with the insurance policies that shield them from the risks they face. To learn more about the policies that make the most sense for your business, check out our information on business insurance for IT freelancers, independent contractors, and other professionals. To secure coverage right away, fill out our free online application or talk to a TechInsurance agent today.